How Car Detailing Will Help Sell Your Auto


If you are thinking about selling your car, the important thing to remember is that a great looking car will fetch you a more attractive offer price from potential buyers.

Try putting yourself in the shoes of the potential buyer,  whether it's a new or used car that we are thinking about purchasing, we want it to look as good as it can look. Automobiles are major investments, so a good running and great looking used car can be seen as a great bargain to most buyers.

How Can Auto Detailing Help You Sell Your Car?

The best way to get your vehicle in pristine physical appearance is to thoroughly detail your car. To make this happen, you have to have a keen eye for details, the right supplies and ample time set aside to complete the task. If this is your first time detailing an automobie, it is best to try to set aside half of the day to detail the vehicle. If you don't have the time, supplies or eye to perform the task, there are professional car detailers out there that can take care of this whole process for you. Of course, there will be an additional cost associated with the service, but keep in mind that a professionally done job can raise the resale value on your car. 

Tips On How To Detail Your Car 

As I mentioned earlier, when you begin to decide to start detailing your car, it is important to make sure that you use great products. Inferior cleaning products may be more economical, price wise, but they will not give the car the great look that you are hoping to achieve, that will help you to sell your vehicle.

interior-car-cleaningInterior Car Cleaning: The first thing that you should do is clean the interior of your vehicle. Interior car detailing means removing all of the mats and cleaning out all of the food, dirt, pet hair, coins and other things that are hiding in the crevices of your car. Purchase or rent a great vacuum to assist you with this project. This part of the job may take a decent amount of time. Just make sure you try to reach underneath all the seats and especially the small crevices between the front seats and the arm rest. This is an area that tends to collect alot of dirt.

shampoo-car-seats-carpetShampooing Your Car: Once you have finished vacuuming out the vehicle, it is time to thoroughly shampoo the carpet & car seats (unless you have leather seats). The process of shampooing your car upholstery and carpets can take a lot of time, so keep that in mind and focus on every and any stain that may be in your vehicle. Purchase a good stain remover to get rid of any excessive stains or stains that are hard to remove. If you are selling mats with the car, be sure to clean those as well. If you have leather seats, make sure you clean and condition the car leather as well. 

Windows & Trim Cleaning: Finish off the interior car cleaning by washing the windows and shining up the plastic. Remember to wash the rear view mirror and the front dash. These two areas will really show that you care about the vehicle that you are selling.

Wash-Your-CarExterior Car Wash & Detailing: Cleaning and detailing the exterior of the vehicle is an extremely important step! The exterior of the car is going to be the first thing that buyers see. It is important to thoroughly wash the car and if possible, wax the car in order to make it shine. The best way to clean the exterior of the car is by hand washing every section. Begin by rinsing off an area. Then use a soap mixture to clean each area. Rinse the soap off immediately and proceed to the next part of the car. Do this until the entire car has been hand washed. Once it is all washed, dry it with a towel and put on a layer of wax according to the manufacturers directions.

Rims, Tires, Bug & Tar Removal: You should also make sure that you remove any bugs or tar from your vehicle. There are products that will assist with this process, and you should do a thorough job of cleaning the tires and rims.

Once you complete all the above steps, you can take a step back and look at your new looking car! At this point, it looks so good, your probably asking yourself, why are you even selling it in the first place. But, at this point you are fully aware that auto detailing is pretty hard work and it does take some time to do properly, but it will definitely help you to sell your car faster. Happy Selling!!

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