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What is Headlight Restoration?

headlight restoration wet sandThe clarity of even new plastic headlights can deteriorate within a couple years after being manufactured and installed on your automobile. Time and use will cause dimming of the light output. This makes driving at night unsafe as it diminishes how far forward your headlights project their light. Many of these headlights can cost $500-$1500 each to replace, and that’s just for the lens and doesn’t include labor. What usually happens is your headlights become foggy, due to the degradation of the clear coating applied at the factory. This is usually due to UV breakdown, sand and grit abrasion.

headlight restoration polishWhat we do at Car Wash Genie is clean the surface thoroughly and then refinish the headlight surface making it smooth and free of defects. After this, we apply all-weather sealant to the surface which protects it from U.V. light, and this slows down the oxidation process. This also gives you the look of brand new lights—brought to you in about one half hour of work, which costs a heck of a lot less than replacing the lights.

The results are actually amazing! However, to achieve long lasting results, it has to be done properly. Simply polishing the plastic will not give you the same results. 

Headlight Restoration Includes:


Estimated Time 30-45 Minutes
  • Wipe the lens with a specially formulated chemical to remove the built up dirt and grime, leaving behind a clean, prepped surface.
  • Wet sand the lens with varying degrees of grit, based on individual necessity.
  • Buff remaining fine scratches with a heavy cutting cleaning compound until nothing but a slight haze remains on the lens.
  • Polish lens with a specialized plastic polish to restore beauty and optical clarity. This process leaves the lens clear, with a factory finish shine.
  • Apply a sealant to replace the factory hard coat and protect the lens from future damage and exposure.

All Vehicle Types - $60   ($30 per light)     

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