What is Headlight Restoration & Do I Need It?


Did you know that foggy and oxidized headlights can reduce night time driving visibility by up to 90%?

What Causes Hazy & Foggy Headlights?

We have all probably seen cars with headlights that have turned yellowish & discolored, coating the lens with a haze. This yellowish haze is caused by oxidation. Oxidation occurs from UV rays, road contaminates, weather, and car wash chemicals, that come into contact with the surface of the headlamp lens. This oxidation causes the plastic headlight lenses to become foggy and yellowed.

Foggy headlights aren’t just an eyesore that diminishes the value of your vehicle they also reduce your level of visibility. Most people are unaware that dirty or cloudy headlights can limit light output by as much as 90%, which is dangerous for the inhabitants and oncoming motorists.

What is Headlight Restoration?

Up until recently the idea was to just go to the dealership and spend half your paycheck to replace the lenses. However there are now ways to minimize or completely restore your headlights back to factory condition.

Professional headlight restoration is the process of removing oxidation and re-applying a long lasting protective UV coating, which most solutions do not provide. So instead of trying your luck with most consumer products that claim that they can have your headlights looking like new, it is advised to hire a professional headlight restoration detailer to come and perform the procedure for you.

How is a Headlamp Restore Performed?

The average restoration process takes 30 minutes or less to complete, yet the safety benefits and the aesthetics involved is worth the time. And the price is less than half the cost of the replacement lenses.

The headlight restoration process is not that intensive, for a professional who is experienced in the proper techniques. The process involves several steps, which first includes micro sanding of the lens. Then the lens is polished, and finally, a sealant is applied to protect the plastic from further oxidation. Done properly this process will restore your headlights without damaging and weakening the lens or the surrounding areas of your vehicle.

I strongly advise all consumers to invest in the headlight restoration process, for your own safety and the safety of others in your vehicle. Give us a call today and with very little time, we can have your headlights looking like new.

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