Which Interior Car Cleaning Service Is Right For You

Interior Only Detail interior-detailing 

Starting at $115

Shampoo interior-shampoo 

Starting at $40 

Odor & Mold Removal odor-removal 

Starting at $100

Leather Cleaning odor-removal 

Starting at $25


 Interior Car Detailing & Shampoo Services

 interior car cleaning serviceThe interior of your car has to bear lot of abuse, each & every time someone enters the vehicle, more dirt is dragged in. Unless you take the appropriate measures dust, hair, makeup, food crumbs and spills can quickly add up. The expert car interior cleaning services offered by Car Wash Genie can keep your car's interior spick and span throughout the year. We make use of premium eco-friendly products for the best results. 

What's Included In Our Car Interior Cleaning & Shampoo Services?

Our Interior Car Cleaning & Detailing Service includes a number of services like air purging of the interiors, thorough vacuuming, and cleaning car leather and vinyl parts, consoles, pockets, door panels, dashboard, exterior and interior mirrors, windows and gadgets. We also shampoo car seats and deep clean interior upholstery and carpets to get rid of odors and stains.

  Interior Only Car Detail

Service Includes:

interior car detailing

Estimated Time 60-90 Minutes
  • Vehicle’s Interior and trunk are air purged, using our Tornador Air Gun System
  • Vehicle's interior and trunk compartment are vacuumed
  • Headliners and visors are cleaned with our special headliner sponge and cleaner
  • Dashboard is cleaned and detailed with our Tornador Air Gun System and special Interior Cleaner Solution
  • AC vents/cracks/crevices are cleaned with our Detail  Crevice Tools, Tornador Air Gun System, and Interior Cleaner Solution
  • Buttons/handles/pockets/pedals are cleaned with industrial cleaning swabs, Tornador Air Gun System, and Interior Cleaner Solution
  • Consoles in between seats are cleaned with Tornador Air Gun System, and Interior Cleaner Solution
  • Glove compartment is cleaned with Detail Crevice Tools and Tornador Air Gun System, and Interior Cleaner Solution
  • Seating surfaces/seat belts/fabric with our Powerful Interior Cleaner
  • Carpets and mats are cleaned with our eco-friendly Extractor to remove stains and dirt
  • If applicable, leather and vinyl parts are treated and conditioned
  • Windows and all mirrors are cleaned with our window treatment solution and special lint free towels 

*Add An Exterior Wash & Tire Shine for Only $15 More

                            interior car cleaning

Cars - $115        Trucks - $130             SUVs - $150

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  Car Interior Shampoo

Service Includes:

interior car shampoo

Estimated Time 30-45 Minutes
  • Complete Auto Interior Shampoo (Shampoo Carpets, Mats and Seats)
               shampoo car interior seats

$40 per row (typical car has 2 rows)

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  Odor & Mold Removal Service

Service Includes:

odor mold removal

Estimated Time 2-3 Hours
  • Our Odor and Mold Removal Service utilizes a powerful broad-spectrum biocide that controls, inhibits and destroys odor-causing bacteria, mold, mildew, smoke, chemical odors (VOC's) and all dangerous pathogens through selective oxidation.
  • This service doesn't cover up, fragrance or mask. We use a slim lightweight engineered membrane pouch containing pre-measured amounts of precursors that generate chlorine dioxide vapor.
  • The chlorine dioxide vapor immediately destroys any airborne or surface odors caused by smoke, pets, bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew, fungi and volatile organic compounds (VOC's). This service truly eliminates odors at their source, improving both the aesthetics and hygiene of the treated environment. This service can also treat and deodorize A/C venting systems by just running the vapor through the recycle function.


                       If existing mold has to be removed $50 is added to price of service

Note: The vehicle being serviced must be stationary for 2-3 hours while the chlorine dioxide vapor is being dispensed. After 2-3 hours, it is recommended that the AC unit is turned on in the recycle mode for 10-15 minutes.

                                   auto car odor mold removal

$100 per vehicle

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  Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

Service Includes:


Estimated Time 30-45 Minutes

Cleaning & Conditioning of leather seats & interior

             car leather cleaning and conditioning  


$25 per row (typical car has 2 rows)

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