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Headlight Restoration & Engine Cleaning Services

In addition to providing superior car detailing services, we still offer special detailing services. Some of these services include Headlight Restoration, Engine Cleaning & Detailing, Clay Bar Detailing, Compounds and Wet Sanding, Rim Cleaning and Polishing, Trim Repair and more.

 Headlight Restoration Service

Service Includes:


Estimated Time 30-45 Minutes
  • Wipe the lens with a specially formulated chemical to remove the built up dirt and grime, leaving behind a clean, prepped surface.
  • Wet sand the lens with varying degrees of grit, based on individual necessity.
  • Buff remaining fine scratches with a heavy cutting cleaning compound until nothing but a slight haze remains on the lens.
  • Polish lens with a specialized plastic polish to restore beauty and optical clarity. This process leaves the lens clear, with a factory finish shine.
  • Apply a sealant to replace the factory hard coat and protect the lens from future damage and exposure.
                                  headlight restoration

All Vehicle Types - $60   ($30 per light)     

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  Engine Cleaning Service

Service Includes:


Estimated Time 45-60 Minutes
  • Engine pre-rinsed
  • Engine cleaned using a engine shampoo degreaser
  • Engine brushed to ensure dirt and grime is removed
  • A high pressure washer used to strip away any remaining dirt
  • Engine compartment dressed with a non silicone low sheen dressing
                  engine cleaning service
Prices: All Vehicle Types - $80   (For cosmetic purposes only)  
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  Clay Bar Detailing Service

Service Includes:


Estimated Time 45-60 Minutes
  • Exterior Wash and Drying
  • Removal of surface roughness, bug residue, grime, sap and more
  • Hand Waxing

                         clay bar detail service


Add-on - $30          Overspray Removal - $130           

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  Compound & Wet Sanding Service

Service Includes:


Estimated Time 2-3 Hours
  • Hand Wash & Drying
  • Compound
  • Polish
  • Wax
      Compound and Wet Sanding

Starting at $300 (must inspect vehicle)

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  Rim Cleaning & Polishing Service

Service Includes:


Estimated Time 30-45 Minutes
  • Carefully cleaning each wheel, paying attention to both the inside and the face
  • Using specialty tools and equipment to polish the surface of the wheel
  • Using our specialty, heat-resistant protective poly-blended chemicals to protect the wheels 
                          Rim Cleaning & Polishing

Starting at $15 per wheel

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 Trim Repair Detailing Service

Service Includes:


Estimated Time 30-45 Minutes

If it’s made of black plastic or vinyl, this will make it look better than new! It doesn’t just restore black surfaces – it gives them a rich, dark finish. Treated surfaces feel clean, not greasy.  
                               Trim Repair Detailing


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