Exterior Detailing

Exterior Car Detailing Service

Mobile Detailing and Headlight Restoration

The glossy shine of a new car is meant to last a long time, as long as it is well-maintained. Regular car washes are an important part of that maintenance, but to keep that shine from bumper to bumper, exterior car detailing is what you need. Or maybe, you borrowed a car, and you want to return it to the owner looking even better than when you picked it up. Our exterior detailing service will make sure the owner notices your extra show of appreciation. Pair it up with an interior detailing package, and you’ll have a big win.

Did you know that your headlights can require more than just washing to provide the same clarity of vision that they did when your car was new? You may have noticed that they don’t seem as bright as they used to, or have yellowed in color. Buying expensive new headlights isn’t the only solution.

The oxidation that forms on the plastic lens is not easily removed, even with over-the-counter remedies. Our professional headlight restoration service starts by carefully sanding off the oxidation layer. Then we apply a new protective coating on the lens to help ward off discoloration in the future. Don’t let dim headlights jeopardize your safety. Schedule a headlight restoration service from Car Wash Genie. It is convenient and quick, done right at your home or location of your choice.


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