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Why Do I Need To Wax My Car?

A number of people often see a wax job as being an added luxury for their car, something that is done every once and a while just to add a little extra shine to their vehicle. But, this is where they are mistakened; waxing your automobile is certainly an activity that should be carried out on a regular basis. Too often car owners provide routine maintenance on the motor of their car but ignore the outside entirely, except for a few visits through the service station car wash. The outside of your vehicle needs regular care at the same time. Although ignoring your paint job may not result in any vehicle related mechanical issues, it can produce a reduced resale value, similar to if you never replaced your oil or got your car tuned up. Frequent external surface maintenance can keep your car or truck appearing like new for years after purchasing.

Not to mention it really is not just a aesthetic advantage either, frequent waxing helps to safeguard the paint job and clear coat on your automobile by protecting essential oils in the paint that help to protect against oxidation. This happens when the o2 (oxygen) molecules in the air act in response to, and in this situation burn off, the free radicals in the paint. The end result is a dulled finish, and waxing can certainly help to minimize this unpleasant process. Frequent waxing also safeguards the paint from the every day wear and tear our vehicles get from being subjected to the outdoor environment. Bird waste, blowing wind, rainfall, hailstorms, tree sap, smog, uv sun rays — take your pick. Presently there are plenty of hazards to your car’s sparkling finish.

How Often Should I Wax My Car?

As far as how frequently an individual ought to wax their vehicle, you will find a various answers based upon whom you ask. Wax suppliers suggest that people put on a fresh coating just about every 3 to 4 months. Many more modern synthetic waxes say they can offer proper protection for up to one year. This is also dependent upon your personal preference, free time and money. If you would like a showroom finish on a regular basis and have the means to make it happen, you might want to have a wax job once per month. Vehicles left in garages can go for a longer time without having a wax job versus those subjected to the elements of the enviroment.

How Do I Know If My Car Needs Waxing?

Apart from personal preference factors and suggestions, there are a few of simple checks you can execute to find out whether or not it’s time to bring out the terry cloth. The time tested water beading check is one. In the course of washing, take a close look at how the water reacts to the surface area. If it beads up correctly, that means your previous wax job is still working properly. However, if the water does not bead at all and creates big “sheets” on the surface area, then it’s time for a wax. Another fast evaluation is done after your car is washed and dried completely. Fold a 100 % cotton cloth until it’s hand-sized and firm. Employ strong pressure to the vehicle’s surface and turn the fabric forward and backward in a clockwise and counter clockwise direction. If you notice a squealing sound, then you are in need of a wax job.