How Does Our Process Work?

Our Trusted Process

Convenient Service – Secure Payment

We’ve made our scheduling and payment process easy to use. We use Square’s well-known and secure payment processing to receive and protect your payment information. Just follow these steps.

The Purchase Process

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  1. Review the services and packages available. Once you have settled on a package that is suited to your needs, begin the scheduling process.
  2. Select your vehicle type on that service page – Car – Truck – Van etc.
  3. Select your service package.
  4. Select any add-ons, like Sanitization, Leather Cleaning, or Deodorizing.
  5. Pick an available day and time from the scheduling calendar.
  6. Enter your personal information and payment.
  7. You will receive a confirmation call from us regarding your work order

What Happens During My Appointment?

  1. Our licensed and insured Car Wash Genie Service Partner will arrive at your location at the time appointed. They will be wearing our uniforms and arrive in a company vehicle.
  2. Before beginning work, our team will inspect the vehicle to take note of any existing damages and any concerns they might need you to clarify.
  3. Our team comes equipped with everything they need from water and cleaning solutions to vacuum cleaner and polishing cloths. They will get to work quickly.
  4. Once your work order has been completed, your payment will be processed, never before.

After your work is completed, we would love to hear from you.

We always hope for a good report, but we are also happy to take suggestions on ways we can improve our services.

Contact us to give us your feedback.