How Our Partner Program Works

How does the profit sharing agreement work?

After being approved for our partner program, Car Wash Genie and our partners split all revenue from services rendered 50/50 (less credit card processing fees). Partners will be able to track their sales and they will be paid out weekly.

What are the requirements for approval?

In order to qualify, partners must be experienced and have a full detail set up. This includes a vehicle/trailer, tank, generator, vacuum, buffer, pressure washer, hoses, etc. Partners must also be licensed and insured.

What if I don’t have insurance?

If you don’t have insurance, we can connect you with one of our broker partners. Car Wash Genie must be added as a carrier on your insurance policy, as well.

How are service areas and working hours chosen?

Our partners get to choose the cities in which they want to work. For instance, if we have a partner who in only interested in serving Boynton and Delray Beach, they will be notified of any service requests that come in from those areas. Our partners also get to choose the days/hours that they want to work.

Who is responsible for expenses?

Being that you are an independent contractor, you are responsible for all of your expenses (gas, products, vehicle maintenance, insurance, federal taxes, etc.). Car Wash Genie will handle all advertising and marketing costs.

Can I use my own products?

We require our partners to use our patented car wash soap, detailer and sealant. Our goal is to ensure that our customers’ car all have the same level of consistency. By using these products, of ours, we can achieve that level of quality irrespective of who performs the service. Any product outside of those three can you be used once approved.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes, when you service our customers you must wear a Car Wash Genie shirt. We will provide our partners with two Car Wash Genie shirts and placards for their vehicles. You will be responsible for purchasing any replacements.

How much money can I make as a Car Wash Genie Partner?

The amount of money you can make depends on a few factors: What areas will you service? What partnership tier will you belong to? How many jobs are you willing to take? The amount of money that you can generate will be determined by those factors.

What is a Partnership Tier?

Every detailer has a different level of experience. We have 3 partnership tiers. If you are early in your career with less experience, you will be placed in Tier 1 and only allowed to perform car washes. Tier 2 is reserved for partners with more experience and they will be allowed to perform our wash, wax and detailing services. Tier 3 is for detailers with extensive experience related to headlight restoration, paint correction, ceramic coating, etc.