Special Vehicles

What Does Mobile Car Automobile Detailing Include?

auto-detail-serviceThe process of Car Detailing encompasses meticulously cleaning, polishing and protecting all parts of a vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out, using special tools and products that would not normally be used by your typical car washer.

Car Detailing does not however, include paintwork and body repairs although sometimes light cosmetic paint restoration work will be undertaken, some examples of this type of work are stone chip touch ups and clear coat wet sanding. This type of work can sometimes be performed, depending on the condition of the vehicle and the car detailer you hire.

The main area and aim of our Mobile Car Detailing service is to fully enhance and restore the vehicles paintwork by eliminating light scratches and swirl marks that have been inflicted over time and that reflect the light in such a way that they give an unsightly cob webbing effect on the surface of the paint or clear coat. We also offer services that focus on cleaning the interior of the vehicle.

We offer a variety of Mobile Detailing Services that range from simple hand wash and waxes, to more extensive jobs that include interior car detailing, engine cleaning and paint restoration.