Grow Your Mobile Car Wash Business

Having a hard time finding customers? We can help!

What if you had a marketing department that advertised your services and funneled all the calls from a select area right to you? That’s the beauty of becoming a Car Wash Genie Service Partner.

We find the customers, help them schedule an appointment, and collect payment. All you have to do is deliver reliable, high-quality service. In return for keeping your schedule busy, we receive a portion of the revenue we generate for you. It’s a win-win situation.

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How We Serve You

As your marketing partner and lead generator, Car Wash Genie provides you with a consistent flow of work. But you are getting much more than that.

  • The customer confidence that comes with a recognized brand.
  • Standardized hours. You know when your day starts and ends.
  • We do all the marketing. No driving around looking for customers.
  • Wholesale product prices. (We manufacture our own product.)
  • Training on essential skills and customer service.
  • We handle all the payment processing. You always get paid for work done.
  • The professional look of branded uniforms and vehicle branding. (Your first set provided free of charge.)
  • Your choice of service area (providing it is available).

What you bring to the partnership are things you probably already have.

  • Experience as a vehicle detailer
  • A reliable vehicle, water tank, generator, pressure washer, and a vacuum cleaner
  • Be licensed and insured. (We can connect you with an insurance carrier if you need one.)
  • Top-quality customer service, a positive attitude, and a desire to grow your business.

How It Works

We have tried to make the process as simple as possible, as listed below. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us to discuss our Service Partner program further.

Apply for Approval

Step 1:      Contact us about becoming a Car Wash Genie Service Partner.

Step 2:      Fill out the Service Partner application.

Step 3:     Once approved, you’ll receive training and your branding package.

Receiving Service Requests and Payment

Step 1:   We start sending you requests for service, which you can accept or reject.

Step 2:   After accepting a request, you complete the work order as specified.

Step 3:   We process the customer’s payment.

Step 4:   We issue you payment for 60% of the revenue earned.

Let’s get you started on growing your business!

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