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Did you know that car detailing should be seen as a preventative maintenance service, just like regular oil changes?

Your vehicle is about the equivalent of your new born baby.  It takes time, patience and care to ensure a healthy life span.  While you believe that the occasional weekly or bi-weekly or monthly trip to the neighborhood car wash is okay, I ensure you that it is not.  The difference between a car wash and having an experienced Mobile Detailer taking care of your car is as extreme as night and day.

Car Detailing is Preventative Maintenance – Not a Vanity Service

Every vehicle is different, but generally, a thorough detail will leave just about every surface of the car improved; from extremely shiny with smooth feeling paint, to low sheen rubber and vinyl, cleaned and conditioned leather and sparkling chrome. The difference is dramatic and can never be compared to the most expensive wash at your neighborhood car wash.

When you consider how expensive it would be to paint your car, having a professional auto detailer on hand to help you maintain your vehicles exterior, can potentially save you thousands.   We can preserve the original paint while often achieving amazing results.  If you have been misinformed, or don’t quite know what a Detailer does, or what skills we possess, I will elaborate further.

Car Detailer’s VS Car Washes

A skilled car detailer looks for the imperfections in your vehicle and will exhaust a variety of techniques to ensure the best quality of work.  For example removing swirl marks from your vehicle and reducing the fading of the paint itself, can be achieved by a very light to a heavy compounding procedure.  Upon completion it will substantially increase the value and the appearance of your vehicle.

It is also recommended that you have your car waxed at least three to four times a year.  A professional mobile detailer will inform you that when you wax your car, it’s another layer of protectant for the clear coat on your car, which increases the longevity of your paint job.

Car detailing is one of the most essential preventive maintenance measures you can do for your vehicle. This protects the car from the damaging effects of the environment and prolongs the life span of pertinent parts of your car.  And if you find a mobile detailer, it will exponentially save you time in your day, because they will come to you, without interrupting your daily schedule.

Detailing Maintenance Increases Safety

Having your vehicle detailed is just as important as an oil change or your annual tune ups.  It is a necessity like any other.  You can have a five year old vehicle that has been well kept by an experienced professional and it would shine more and stand out better than a car off of the show room floor.

Scheduled maintenance and detailing of your vehicle will improve the appearance, which increases its resale value. Car detailing prevents dirt from sticking and embedding itself into your paint, which increases the life span of the car, it can also prevent the buildup of brake dust and other fluids that your vehicle produces, as well as prevent water spots and other various environmental contaminants, such as tree sap, rail dust, UV Rays, acid Rain, and road salt from building up.

Regular maintenance and detailing of your vehicle improves its safety.  Dirty mirrors and windows are a safety hazard because the reduce visibility, especially when the sun is shining. Auto detailing involves removing all the haziness that reduces visibility.  Headlight restoration is also something that should be added to your list of to-dos when it comes to vehicle maintenance.  Having cloudy or oxidized headlights cleaned improves the brightness of the lights, and increases the field of visibility when in use.

For further information on maintaining your vehicles appearance, contact us for all of the benefits of driving past your neighborhood car wash, and getting a visit from one of Car Wash Genie’s Experienced Professionals.