Car Wash Genie

Did you know that regularly waxed cars are still susceptible to surface scratches & swirls?

It has always been said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This old adage goes so well in terms of protecting your car. Whether your vehicle is old or brand new, basic steps are important in keeping it running fine and looking good. Even if newly bought cars come with warranties, this should not mean that you are totally going to forego taking care of your beloved vehicle.

Why opti-coat or ceramic coat?

When speaking of protecting a car, one should not limit the focus on the engine alone. Of course, it should primarily be taken care of because it keeps your car running, but other parts, like your car’s exterior, deserves a lot of care too. The engine usually needs regular oil change and a thorough check up every now and then to make sure everything is intact and working properly. A good mechanic can do most of that. As for the body and exterior, there is new way of making your car’s paint last longer that is by the use of ceramic coating.

It is always the exterior that gives the wow effect. No matter how old your car is, if you keep its body shiny and dent-free, no one would be able to guess its exact age. Unfortunately, most car owners think that a regular wash with a dab of wax now and then are enough. It is not. First off, do not ignore a scratch. These small scrapes can be an eyesore later on when rust begins to form in them, which is why you should touch up paint as soon as possible. A better alternative is to avoid those little scratches. The way to do that is by giving your car a ceramic coating.

Scratch, Heat, and Corrosion Resistant

Ceramic coat, also known as opti-coat, addresses non-existent issues, meaning it focuses on prevention. It gives your car a durable finish to protect it from the elements, like UV rays. This affects most those who do not own a garage and leave their cars parked on the streets. Without a protective coat, like ceramic, your paint will soon crack making your car prone to rust on top of being ugly looking.

It also protects your car from scratches and corrosions, and it can be applied on your engine and exhaust as well. This extra coating of clear film, acts like a shield to protect the paint from etches. It absorbs any damage that otherwise would have directly affected the paint layers.

Keeps the Glossy Shine of Your Car

Bird droppings are the common enemy of car owners, not only are they gross but their acidic property also damages your paint. Opti-coat prevents this damage, thus, keeps the glossy finish of your car.

Easier Cleaning

For those who dread washing their car, ceramic coat also makes cleaning easier and keeps your car clean longer, rain or shine. Dirt easily sheds off the glossy finish and does not accumulate into a layer of grime.

When protecting your car, over-all maintenance should be your goal. With a well-maintained engine and an exterior that defies age, you are also raising your car’s market resale value, a wise move indeed.