Car Wash Genie

The family car interior sees lots of wear & tear as a result of the general chaos that comes with family-life.

In a lifetime, most families would have normally changed their car up until a few years ago; but with everyone now tightening their belts, we see more hanging in that bit longer to buy a new model, or simply finding that a new car is a luxury that their budget doesn’t allow for.

So below we look at a few key occasions that a family will see, that are prime for damage to the car, so you can take out any necessary precautions beforehand:

New Baby:

A new arrival means that you can’t have the same level of control that you would prefer or previously enjoyed. If you’re alone and taking care of a small child, diapers might have to go unchanged until you can find a place to stop and do so. Thus, odors can hang around within the car longer than they would normally. You also have to be wary of babies throwing up as they tend to do, and not having the ability yet to do it in a tissue but rather just all over themselves (another odor that can hang around). Vomiting can also be brought on by car-sickness at a young age. If possible, keep trips to a minimum, and try to burp them and make sure they’ve gone to the toilet just before starting your journey. If for any reason you have residual bad smells in your vehicle, there are many car detailing companies that do offer car odor removal services.


Car sickness is also a frequent occurrence when on long trips or during the holiday’s as you’re in the car for a prolonged periods of time. In the summer, the weather is a lot hotter, creating a stifling atmosphere inside which can aggravate symptoms. Keep sick bags handy where kids can reach them without you taking your attention away from the road ahead. Take breaks where possible so everyone can get fresh air. We also tend to eat and drink more in the car when on long journeys because time doesn’t allow us to stop and eat. Open food and drinks can easily give way to spills, so consider this when choosing what you plan to eat. If there are any spills that can’t be immediately cleaned, make sure you contact your local auto detailing company to have your carpets and car seats shampooed.

Teaching Your Kids To Drive:

Everyone has to learn at some point and a good way to get better for many is to practice in the family car, outside of conventional lessons. Always ensure that a licensed driver is with them in the passenger seat (it’s the law), but accept that taking a learner-driver out on the road may very well result in small (or large) accidents such as dents to the exterior. Take this opportunity to teach your kids good rules for the road from your own experience, and if accidents do happen, make sure they happen now when you’re with them and can jump in (rather than when they’re out on the road alone).

When Teenagers Borrow Your Car:

Similar to the point above, but once your teenager has passed their test, they may ask to borrow your car if they don’t have their own. Ask yourself whether they can be trusted or if they’re likely to disobey your rules when unsupervised. If ‘yes’, make it clear you need more time for them to show that they can be trusted, or make it clear that they will have to pay for any repairs (make sure they actually have the money too). Many ask their parents to borrow the car for trips with friends to festivals or to go traveling. Ask yourself, ‘Can their friends be trusted inside your car unsupervised?’ Find out also, where they’re taking the car. You might even wish to track the car or them by GPS. If they’re traveling to an event in a rough area, research online safe parking facilities, or just insist they don’t take the car at all.


Similar to new babies or small children, pets may not be toilet-trained when you get them. Ideally, they should be in their carrier when in the car, so if they do have to relieve themselves, it’s isolated. Again though, you may not be able to pull over immediately to deal with it, so you might have to continue driving with bad car odors present for a while. Some choose to let their dogs sit beside them as they drive which might not be the best plan. Take them for a walk before getting in the car and see that they’ve done their business before getting in the car, to save you the hassle.

Drive Thru Windows:

We’ve all been there when we see a drive-thru and can’t resist treating the family. It’s a nice surprise and earns you some brownie points with them. It can be tempting when you get your food, hot and smelling good to start eating in the car, but try to discourage this. It might be worth keeping the food in the front with you, so they can’t get to it, or ask the restaurant to seal the bags.

Cleaning Messes in your Car quickly, but safely

In the case of children, pets, food or beverages that goes awry, always pull over to clean up any messes. Though it’s important with stain removal to tend to the problem area as soon as possible, you won’t have the mindset to deal with it properly in a panic. There is potential for further damage by taking your attention from the road in front of you, and becoming more susceptible to receiving a speeding ticket or causing an accident through this distraction. Many make ill-informed decisions to take care of these messes, like what they use to clean it up. Simply find a good place to pull over, and deal with it yourself, or find a local car wash detailing company who have the proper tools.